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Our Policies

These policies can be minimized with whichever options

you feel best fits your needs.

a. Driver and children must always wear seatbelts.

b. Drivers must provide proper identification upon pick up or drop off all children.

c. Children passenger’s must all sit in backseat of vehicle.

d. Due to unknown allergies of our passenger’s food items is not permitted; however, Kid-friendly beverages provided from home are permitted.

e. Any clean up that is needed do to fault of passenger will result in clean up charges.

f. If driver is left waiting for more than 10 minutes, the trip will be canceled, and customer will still be charged for a booked trip.

g. Baggage and Personal items

h. Drivers will not be responsible for personal items left in vehicles if at fault of passenger(s).  

       i.  Musical instruments           

      ii.  Athletic baggage and equipment

     iii.  Baggage will be limited to the capacity of the vehicle

     iv.  Backpacks

i. Any damages done by passengers within the interior and or exterior of the vehicle will result in parental liability. Such damages will be based on damage and insurance.

j. Drivers and assistants are only allowed in vehicle with children assigned to their route.

k. Parents, guardians, coaches, teachers, and mentors are permitted in vehicles only if all kids are in their care. Such occurrences can happen in the event of an:

  • Emergency

  • Party

  • Event

l. Drivers, assistants, and passengers will not use foul language and treat everyone with the up most respect.

m. Only service animals will be allowed in vehicles.

n. Adverse weather:  The Carrier reserves the right to cancel any scheduled and unscheduled pick-ups due to adverse weather. Due to the nature of storms in our area this will be done on a case-by-case basis if necessary.

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